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Residents in the village to help for another year --- Record of the performance of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress in Jinlong Industrial District

[date: 2019-11-05 10:41:04 来源: 娄底市人大常委会 作者: 陈桂元 童旭勋 浏览量: ] Source: Loudi Municipal People's Congress Author: Gui Yuan Tong Xuxun views:

"Thank you for the leadership of the Municipal People's Congress Helping Team to help us recover our hard-earned money. Without your help, we may have to fight for nothing!" Recently, at a construction site in Loudi District, Jinlong, Daxiongshan Forest Farm, Xinhua County Villager Zhang Yizhou excitedly held the hand of Zhou Hanqing, the leader of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress in Jinlong Industrial Zone, and thanked him in a row.

This is when the help team implemented a new round of "visiting" to 364 farm households in the work area and learned that Zhang Yizhou and other five people still had more than 10,000 yuan in salary that could not be recovered, they immediately passed Zhang Zhiwen's pairing assistance responsibility. People — Zhong Nanxiu, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People ’s Congress, coordinated the supervision and management, and with the support of the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and other departments, successfully resolved this long-awaited migrant worker ’s wage dispute and successfully recovered for the poor. Hard money.

This year, the Municipal People ’s Congress Standing Committee ’s assistance team in Jinlong Industrial Zone focused on the annual work ideas of “one consolidation, two upgrades, and three efforts,” consolidating the results of poverty alleviation, improving the people ’s sense of well-being and happiness, and improving district support. The government's governance capacity and level are focused on further implementing the poverty alleviation policy, further improving infrastructure construction, further advancing the development of industrial projects, advancing various tasks with high standards, grasping its own construction with high requirements, and completing various assistance projects in the village. task.

"Doing a good job in party building is the greatest achievement"

Looking at the documentary of the party building in Jinlong Industrial Zone, every job is very solid.

On June 6, Luo Guofan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Big Bear Mountain Forest Farm, went to the village and wrote a party counseling report entitled "Persistent Long-Term Contributions and Implementing the Spirit of the Eight Central Regulations" for all party members.

On June 27th, Zhou Hanqing, the leader of the support team in the village and the first secretary of the work area, gave a party tutoring report for the party members entitled "Standing to the original mission and building a beautiful Golden Dragon." Encourage the party members and the masses to move from the battle against poverty to the battle of beautiful villages.

Since staying in the village, especially in 2019, the assistance team in the village has been guided by "doing a good job in party building, which is the greatest achievement", and regards party building as an important engine for poverty alleviation and as a major task in the village assistance work. Adhere to the practice of "virtual merit", pay attention to the integration of organizational resources, give play to the advantages of the organization, and consolidate the strength of the organization, clarify the "one consolidation, two promotion, three integration" party construction work plan, consolidate the party branch "five modernization" construction demonstration points, improve District branch and two committee governance capabilities and levels, improve the quality of party members and leaders, integrate party construction and consolidate the results of poverty alleviation, integrate party construction and improve infrastructure construction, integrate party construction and promote industrial project development, and formulate the "On Further Strengthening Study, "Several Provisions on Improving Governance Ability and Level", solidly organized the "three meetings and one lesson", revised and improved the management measures for the performance evaluation of the staff of the two district committees of the industrial zone, fully mobilized the work initiative and enthusiasm of party members and cadres in the industrial zone, and focused on building a team that will never Withdrawn help team, the battle fortress role of the branch and the vanguard exemplary role of each party member Points play.

"As long as the masses hope, no matter how small a thing is, it is a big thing."

The members of the assistance team in the village believe that infrastructure is the most basic guarantee for people's livelihood, but it is also the biggest "shortcoming" of poor villages.

"From the construction of highways to the villages to the cleaning up of the ponds, as long as the problems are reflected by the villagers, we always try our best to do everything possible to improve the production and living conditions of the villagers." Zhou Hanqing said.

The construction of Tongcun Road in the work area is a long-cherished wish of the people of Jinlong. The task force reported to the city and county levels several times for reports. The 12.12 km Tongcun Highway and the 2.7 km Tongzhuang Highway Hardening Project were officially launched. During the highway construction process, the working team is firmly at the construction site, grasps the quality and rushes the progress, and sends a special person to supervise the project. On August 27, the Tongcun and Tongzhuang highways in the work area were officially completed and opened to traffic.

The hills behind the villagers' activity center have steep slopes and serious soil erosion, and large-scale landslides may occur at any time. Danger is an order! The task force rushed to the scene as soon as possible, organized technical personnel to conduct on-site exploration, formulate plans for danger elimination and reinforcement, and reported to the leaders of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress in a timely manner to raise funds and work overtime to carry out danger elimination reinforcement and greening treatment to ensure that the flood season came It was successfully completed before.

The villagers requested to take advantage of the great development opportunities in the tourism development of Big Bear Mountain to build the tourist attractions in this area. The task force quickly organized the masses to hold a "Zhuge Liang meeting" and brainstormed and decided to build a barrage in the river at the junction of Jinping and Jiulong to realize the "three functions" of soil and water conservation, aquaculture and leisure and vacation. Strong support.

Respond to the demands of the masses, raise funds to resolve geological disasters such as water and soil landslides caused by continuous heavy rain in the work area, and help the masses to resolve their concerns;

Aiming at the current situation of poor communication signals in some areas, the communication department should pay attention to it and conduct timely maintenance to ensure smooth communication;

Wash the drinking water reservoir in the work area, repair the damaged street lights, and carry out the danger reconstruction of the water-destructed electric poles ...

Plenty of big things and small things warm the hearts of the people of Jinlong!

"Developing the industry can really make people's pockets bulge."

In the WeChat group of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, there will often be information on the supply of high-quality local products, such as black goat, local pork, local chicken, gastrodia, kiwi ...

These are some of the measures taken by the assistance team to promote the cultivation of agricultural and sideline products for the poor. In addition to promoting sales among cadres and staff of the People's Congress, the task force often used the rest time to travel to Loudi, Xinhua's major supermarkets, hotels, and local specialty stores to conduct special surveys on the sales of agricultural products in Big Bear Mountain to help the people in the work area sell high-quality products Agricultural and sideline products. This year, more than 200,000 yuan of agricultural and sideline products have been sold, which greatly increased the enthusiasm of the masses for the development of planting and breeding.

Zhou Hanqing believes that sending money and things can only solve the temporary difficulty. If we want the pockets of the poor to swell, we must work hard to develop the industry and achieve practical results. "Only with the development of the industry can we achieve a sustained increase in income, thereby completely eradicating poverty and becoming rich." He said.

It is precisely this way that the assistance team in the village pays attention to the guidance of multiple factors such as projects, technology, funds, and markets, and fully explores the inherent benefits of industrial development.

In order to improve the deep processing of sweet potatoes and increase the added value of agricultural and sideline products, the team visited the Xiangtan Sunrise Dongfanghuxiang Specialty Products Co., Ltd., Lianyuan Doushan Town Huarui Fan 2 Factory, Huasheng Food Company and other agricultural product deep-processing enterprises. He has repeatedly reported to the leaders of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, the Xinhua County Poverty Alleviation Office and the Daxiongshan Forestry Party Committee that he plans to change the way in which the industry used to help the poor to distribute cash to farmers. The establishment of a sweet potato vermicelli processing plant has received support from the public and the project is progressing in an orderly manner.

Pay attention to technical and financial guidance to ensure that the masses can always receive the guidance and help of technical experts in the process of developing the breeding industry. On June 27, the support team also invited the special science and technology commissioners from Xinhua County Forestry Bureau to teach the bees in the work area, professional techniques such as bee breeding and planting of cash crops under the forest. The task force also docked with the County Agriculture Bureau, County Poverty Alleviation Office, County Forestry Bureau, County Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Bureau, Daxiongshan Forest Farm and other departments no less than ten times to win project support and try their best to solve the financial problems for the professional cooperatives in the industrial zone.

"The agency provided a strong backing for assistance in the village"

After being the captain of the village assistance work team for two years, Zhou Hanqing always believed that the importance attached by the standing committee leaders and the active participation of all cadres and staff of the organization was a strong guarantee for the village assistance work.

Opening the notepad, Zhou Hanqing is like several treasures: On March 13, Xie Zhixiong, the party secretary and executive deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, led the municipal government to the Jinlong Industrial District to investigate and assist the village in 2019. It is required to rely on natural resources to build a beautiful countryside Large article on construction and green development; On April 28th, the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee's Party Group Meeting conducted a special study on the assistance work in villages in 2019, and determined the 2019 work plan and 10 specific tasks to be completed in 2019; On June 26th, Xie Zhixiong went to the on-site office of Daxiongshan Forest Farm again, emphasizing resolutely shouldering his political responsibilities, and tightly focusing on the "two cares and three guarantees" goal. Practical difficulties; On October 14, Xie Zhixiong went to Daxiongshan Forest Farm to investigate poverty alleviation work, and asked to talk about politics, responsibilities, and methods, and to help with heart and soul to help poor people solve practical difficulties and problems, and effectively increase people's satisfaction; Every quarter, members of the Standing Committee (Party Leadership) will lead the cadres and staff of the organs to appear on time in their "relatives' homes" in pairs ...

The assistance team strictly implemented the higher level's regulations on attendance, finance, and work style of the assistance work in the village, and actively carried out communication and coordination with the relevant functional departments of the city and county. The assistance work in the village was fully affirmed by all levels and the masses. Highly recognized. The organs of the Municipal People's Congress were rated as the outstanding backing unit of 2018, and the work team was rated as the 2018 outstanding resident assistance team in the village. They have successively participated in the city's village work conference and the city's village resident team's "actualization" training meeting. Make a typical speech. Captain Zhou Hanqing was awarded second-class merit and was named as an advanced individual in poverty alleviation by the Provincial State-owned Forest Farm and Forest Park Management Bureau. Team member Yu Zhengxi was awarded the "May 1st Labor Medal" in Loudi City and the "Outstanding Aid Cadres" in Xinhua County.

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