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Li Liying: "On behalf of mothers" to protect children

[date: 2019-11-05 10:50:36 来源: 娄底市人大常委会 作者: 黄雄 浏览量: ] Source: Loudi Municipal People's Congress Author: Huang Xiong views:

Li Liying is the representative of the people's congresses of Loudi City and Louxing District, and is the chairman of Hand in Hand Information Technology Co., Ltd. Talking to her for the first time, she felt her self-confidence, fresh and able temperament. "The bitterness of life in the mining area when I was a child made me determined to realize the safety dream of left-behind children. After being elected as a deputy to the National People's Congress, I felt that I had a responsibility to contribute to the safety of left-behind children." Li Liying said firmly. Thinking of others because of my son, focusing on intelligent monitoring

Li Liying grew up around the coal mine. At the age of 12, Li Liying finished her first semester and was forced to leave the campus. After several setbacks, she was exposed to sand and stone sales. The profit of five dollars for a car opened her to trade. Door. After that, she started selling pig iron, opened stores selling breakfast, fruits, groceries, as a cleaner, and engaged in the coal trade ... She made every effort to do a good job in each area, and the business became bigger and bigger.

In 2014, her 5-year-old son was boarding in Changsha to study, and mothers and children were often unable to meet because of working outside the home. With deep thoughts and concerns about her son, Li Liying thought about how to use the Internet technology to shorten the distance between mother and child, and how to use science and technology to increase the protective net for campus safety.

After years of hard work, at this time Li Liying has millions of net worth. By chance, she came into contact with Hunan Zhongdun Baoquan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.'s intelligent video surveillance system and found that this system can basically realize the vision of parents seeing their children remotely. She first cooperated in the form of shareholding and invested 10 million yuan at the end of 2014. Complete the acquisition. In 2015, on the basis of China Shield Security, Li Liying established Hand in Hand Information Technology Co., Ltd. and served as its chairman.

Without market demand, all product research and development is a waste of effort. Xinhua County is a typical national poverty-stricken county in Hunan. There are many migrant workers and left-behind children are serious. Li Liying then conducted market research here and introduced door to door what kind of platform she wanted to make and what effect to achieve. The survey results gave her a reassurance, and local villagers are very supportive of the project. After consolidating his beliefs, in 2015, Li Liying led the technology research and development team. Through cooperation with Tsinghua University and American Tianrui Company, he developed a "Learning Security" platform with independent intellectual property rights, so that parents can see the campus real-time through mobile phones. child.

Li Liying selected 3 schools in Xinhua County as pilots and installed "Xiangbao" for free to introduce the platform features to local residents. After learning that some local parents did not have smartphones, she immediately cooperated with local companies such as China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, and gave away a batch of smartphones for free. Guarding the safety of the campus and receiving strong support from all walks of life

Campus safety has always been a pain point for the entire society. How to improve campus security prevention and control? How to reduce accidents? Li Liying led the technical team to continue to improve "Learning Security", relying on the mobile Internet, installing a front-end information acquisition system in the school's public area, combining home-school interaction, personnel, vehicle attendance, campus card, class space, one-click alarm, etc., erected A bridge for home-school communication.

Seemingly everything goes smoothly, but it is hard along the way. After the acquisition of China Shield Security, Li Liying discovered that the company was heavily indebted and also owed employees wages, and the situation was more difficult than expected. She knew that life would not be easy, and she paid for her employees' wages in arrears. In order to solve the funding problem, Li Liying mortgaged her land to a bank loan and borrowed money from friends everywhere, but these huge investments in Internet technology were still a waste of money. After learning that the National Development and Reform Commission had a loan specifically for private enterprises, Li Liying was very excited. After escalating the report, due to the large social benefits of the "Learning and Safeguarding" project, it was positively affirmed by the experts of the National Development and Reform Commission. The fund was finally approved with a fund of 46 million.

In order to become an expert, Li Liying participated in trainings of well-known universities such as Peking University and Zhejiang University at her own expense, and often participated in scientific research seminars. Through unremitting efforts, she became a senior engineer in the field of information technology. Much support.

On April 27, 2018, Xie Zhixiong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and Deputy Mayor Li Youcai led the heads of relevant departments of the municipality to join hands to hold the "Internet + Xuebao" smart campus security integration platform project construction site office. Meeting, special research on company development issues.

"'Xiangbao' is conducive to preventing and dissolving campus security risks, optimizing resources and reducing redundant construction of school monitoring, and has been successfully applied in some counties and schools, and should be promoted." Xie Zhixiong expressed affirmation at the meeting, And asked relevant departments to support it.

With the efforts of many parties, the "Learning Security" 1.0 platform has matured and has obtained 22 patents and software copyrights. It has been promoted and applied in 127 schools with more than 700,000 users. The 2.0 platform is in trial operation. On September 17, 2018, the company's technology research and development center settled in the National Supercomputing Changsha Center, relying on powerful technology "endorsements" to promote the technological transformation and upgrading of enterprises with wisdom.

In order to better ensure technological upgrades and enhance human resources, Li Liyingte hired well-known experts and scholars from Fudan University, National University of Defense Technology, Hunan University, Hunan Electronic Information Industry Group as the company's first strategic consulting expert, and also hired Associate Professor Yang Shenghong of Hunan University as the company R & D Director. "Bring love with you" and carry the social responsibility of the people's congress representatives

"Internet + Education" is to deepen education reform and innovation, and build a new model of talent training, education services and education governance under the "Internet +" environment. Li Liying has always paid close attention to "Internet + education", combined with many years of work experience and the results of many interviews, he wrote a proposal on accelerating "Internet + education" in Loudi and submitted it at the first meeting of the 5th National People's Congress of Loudi in 2017. . Li Liying thoroughly analyzed the current status and conditions of Loudi's "Internet + Education", and put forward suggestions from top-level planning, basic conditions, resource integration, and private capital participation. It was highly valued by the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and was sponsored by Loudi Education Bureau to help Promote the development of education informatization in the city.

"Products and services should be reassured by parents, reassured by schools, and satisfied by the government ..." On March 25th, Du Jiahao, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, came to the company to investigate and listen to Li Liying's development of the company. After the report, I encouraged the company to join hands to increase research and development, benefit the society, and become the benchmark enterprise of "Internet + campus security" in Hunan and even the whole country. In response to the frequent occurrence of drowning in children, Du Jiahao also suggested the development of "Xueanbao" anti-drowning and anti-lost functions. Based on the requirements, Li Liying quickly arranged for deployment, and the product is expected to be launched within this year.

Not only that, Li Liying's efforts were encouraged by Liu Lianyu, the party secretary and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress. "Hand in hand to introduce Internet technology into the field of campus security and prevention is a very meaningful thing and very promising." On July 2nd, Liu Lianyu led a team to join hands with the company to investigate the development of the Internet industry and discussed campus security in detail with Li Liying. , Student safety and other issues, I hope to join hands to increase the development of related application software, and continue to improve core competitiveness.

At present, the "Learning Security and Drowning Early Warning Platform" already has the basic functions of active identification, automatic warning, and coordinated rescue. Li Liying and researchers are busy working overtime at Sunshui River Beach, playing with equipment over and over, collecting data, and testing. Results, pilot operations are planned before the end of August. In addition, hand-in-hand also cooperated with the National University of Defense Technology and Central South University to develop the "anti-bullying warning" function, which analyzes and monitors video in real time through artificial intelligence to detect and quickly stop bullying incidents on campus.

Entering the hand-in-hand company, a cultural wall with the words "carry love with you" came into view, with pictures of Li Liying helping left-behind children. She was full of love and never forget to do public welfare. In 2018, she donated 200,000 yuan worth of materials during the "Emergency Missionary Public Service · Entering Shibadong Village" by China Emergency Management Newspaper. She also often visits left-behind children's families, participates in caring for minors, and sends them warmth and care. "As a deputy to the National People's Congress, I have a responsibility to take up this social responsibility and do more for my children." Li Liying said.

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